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Cloud Services, made simple

Efficiency & Effectiveness come first

Dimensions Cloud, is a Saudi-based company. Established in 2014, with a clear vision of providing private & public cloud services for corporate and governments in the Saudi Market.  At Dimensions Cloud, we realize the challenges business are facing with the main objective to balance CAPEX expenditure with OPEX.

Why dimensions cloud?

Put cloud services to work. Invest your time & money where it's needed


Cloud & Infrastructure Services

To keep pace with the competition and meet business needs, information technology (IT) infrastructure needs to be automated, flexible, and scalable.

Moving to the Cloud requires preparation. Our team of consultants assess your systems, processes, and human resources to make sure your organization is ready for the move or else advice on changes required.

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Dimensions Cloud has been providing its customers with Cyber Security Solutions by specialized, certified, and dedicated teams.

We ensure optimal and continual operation of your entire information technology infrastructure and technical environment.


Our Clients

Why companies like us?

"Our IT efficiency improved significantly, but what surprised me was that our costs went down too."

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