Dimensions Cloud, is a Saudi based company. Established in 2014, with a clear vision on providing privet & public cloud services for corporate and government in the Saudi Market. At Dimensions Cloud, we realize the challenges business are facing with a main objective to balance CAPEX expenditure with OPEX. From an IT perspective, this issues rises mainly with the traditional on-premises IT and the futuristic move to the Privet & Public Cloud; which will reduce the capital spending (operational cost, resources and the time to implement and maintain). Thus, we understood how Privet & Public Cloud computing can empower our client organizations in new ways to be more responsive to the market needs.

Only a handful of companies exist in the market today that truly focus on reflecting the value of privet & public cloud computing to businesses, so they can experience latest benefits of computing technologies at unprecedented cost and fast time to market. At Dimensions Cloud, we focus on the customer and your business. We provide solutions to launch you into Privet & Public Cloud computing; preserving your IT investment and advising you throughout the way.